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Sales Generator 5.0

Organize digital marketing to achieve
your personal and business goals!

Save your time
The final cost of system implementation is calculated individually, as the amount of work depends on several conditions: the competitiveness of your business niche, current difficulties, promotion process, desired goals, etc.

Value proposition

Spend your time on something you enjoy, exclude the routine

Spend your time on something you enjoy, exclude the routine

You don’t waste your time on trivial details, and control only necessary indicators. Free up time for family and traveling!

Save money

Save money

We can offer the best price that beats most top agencies by 20%, and our experienced team is beyond reach. Let us convince you by offering a free consultation!

Work with digital marketing experts

Work with digital marketing experts

All members of our team have more than 8 years of hands-on experience, i.e. you get an expert level of knowledge and the best tools at your service to achieve goals and tasks of your business.

Contact us at any time

Contact us at any time

You can always plan to reach us at any convenient day and time because our business hours are not limited to office hours from 9 to 6 on weekdays.

Кому полезна наша технология

Who can use our technology?

  • CEOs, marketing and strategic development directors All managers whose income depends on company’s profitability
  • Business owners with a turnover starting from 100 000 $/month
Order Calculation

What kind of problems can be solved by our technology?

Achieving KPI

Achieving KPI

by increasing quantity of leads and profit

Market expansion

Market expansion

acquire new markets

Management efficiency

Management efficiency

in sales and marketing departments

Product/Assortment management

Product/Assortment management

by increasing quantity of leads and profit

Investment efficiency

Investment efficiency

internet promotion reduces the cost of each lead and increases their quantity

Explosive sales growth

Explosive sales growth

in a tactical (short-term) period

What do we offer?

Assistance in setting SMART strategic goals

Assistance in setting SMART strategic goals

Identification of strategic competitive advantage(s)

Identification of strategic competitive advantage(s)

Selection of promising areas for business development

Selection of promising areas for business development

Development and implementation of digital marketing and sales system to achieve strategic goals

Development and implementation of digital marketing and sales system to achieve strategic goals

KPIs of our technology


  • Number of the add appearence

    depending on digital channels

  • Number of redirections by channels

    (number of clicks)

  • CTR

    number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions

  • ACPC

    average cost per click

  • CR

    site conversion rate (site performance, number of targeted actions/site visitors)

  • Lead quantity

    (lead is a request / a phonecall, i.e. customer contact details)

  • CPL

    cost per conversion/lead/target action

SALES (basic KPIs)

  • Sales


    • Conversion

      rate based on a sales funnel, by managers and a channel

    • Transaction value

      (how much you need to invest in order to get 1 purchase) - by managers and channels

    • Profit

      and profit dynamics (gross and net)

    • ROI (ROMI)

      return on investment, net profit per invested ruble in the promotion channel

  • Effective management

    of a digital marketing and sales system will help you to achieve any business development plans in 3, 5 and more years perspective

Запустите цифровую систему управления маркетингом

Launch a digital system to manage marketing, internet promotion and sales which allows you to make strategic decisions on business development, and achieve strategic goals.

We count everything - beginning with a searching request up to a final profit (or loss) brought by that request.
Turn off traffic generating losses, and redistribute investments into profitable channels.

To achieve strategic competitive advantage and to obtain a manageable and effective system of online marketing and sales, we have developed a technology called

Sales Generator 5.0

Technology implementation will allow you to multiply the effectiveness of the website and advertising investments!

What basic elements of a technology do we create and use?



Targeted advertising (Yandex Direct,  Google Ads), SEO, SMM

Targeted advertising (Yandex Direct, Google Ads), SEO, SMM



End-to-end analytics

End-to-end analytics

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is a must in order to kill 2 virtual birds with 1 stone. We’ll look for you before you actually leap.

1 Market analysis

according to Yandex Wordstat and Google Keyword Planner data

  • Demand analysis: key requests and their structure
  • Market capacity analysis: is volume of requests sufficient to generate targeted profit?
  • Market dynamics: is there a seasonality, how is demand changing, when is it better to enter the market?

Competitor analysis

  • Analysis of competitors' digital marketing channels (SEO, Contextual Advertising, SMM, etc.)
  • Competitors' price, websites and USP (Unique Sales Proposition) analysis
  • Analysis of competitors' sales departments (scripts, questionnaires, sales and automation funnels)

Product and business analysis

  • SWOT analysis of your product and business
  • Identification and analysis of target audience(s), segmentation
  • Sales analysis
  • Current business performance analysis
  • Tools analysis: site and promotion channels
  • Analysis of digital promotion investments effectiveness (web analytics)

Based on Marketing Analysis you will receive:

(in separate files- it is important!)

  • Net profit goal breakdown (whether it is possible to achieve a strategic goal, what KPI values are reasonable)
  • Product/service recommendations (positioning, USP creation)
  • Website recommendations to increase conversion rate
  • Digital promotion recommendations - SEO, contextual advertising, SMM, etc. (to increase investments in digital marketing channels)
  • Recommendations on how to implement/increase current CRM system and end-to-end analytics system

Niche testing

The aim is to get real performance (actual data) to move on to Strategic planning on digital channels and sales.

Find out the cost of a lead/transaction in your niche, or how much cheaper a lead could have costed you if you had launched contextual advertising and it had not brought any results!

Niche testing process

Defining test targets

quantity of leads, sales, CTR, CR and so on

Defining test budget

for the majority of niches 1000 - 2000$ is enough

Landing page/website preparation for traffic receiving

detailed work with website content and with its elements to increase conversion rates 1.5-2 times

Simple analytics and dynamic call tracking system implementation

Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics and Calltouch for data collection (actual target values)

Development and launch of an ad testing campaign

contextual advertising - Yandex Direct and/or Google Ads are the fastest ways to get the results

Digital marketing packages (all-inclusive)

Analysis of the results, optimization, and scaling

Digital marketing channels
and strategic investment planning


Planning the effect of scaling up the test results in measurable indicators


Executing scaling up on other markets / regions / products


Performance planning and elaboration of additional digital marketing channels


Budgeting and annual sales and profit plans implementation

We use the following digital marketing channels:

Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct

Google Ads

Google Ads



SMM - social networks

SMM - social networks

Bulk e-mail and sms

Bulk e-mail and sms

Automated sales funnels and messenger bots

Automated sales funnels and messenger bots

Preparing for this step, we have collected data on current business and marketing indicators and received test results that improved the performance of digital marketing investments.

Now is about time to scale up the results - let us distribute the additional budget on high performing channels and multiply the profit!

CRM and data analysis system implementation (end-to-end analytics)

If your existing CRM and analytics function well and you make decisions based on data - congratulations! Skip this part, you can scroll down!

In the modern condition, if you do not have any CRM and analytics, there is a 90% probability to run out of business in the next 3 years.

Why is it so? Your closest rivals have already implemented or are introducing these tools and they will definitely have an increase of web investment effectiveness, a decrease of cost of atracted client, extension of LTV (customer livetime value), and effective DSS (decision support system).

Quick Start

Quick Start

Launch a promotion in 15 days!

Testing is a perfect way to lower risks and and build customer trust.

Get the target results on a single niche/product/service example. Only after receiving a successful result, we will move to the whole set of steps in the campaign!

Sales growth is a collateral result, but most importantly, we will have data for strategic planning!


We conduct an initial interview, collect primary information оn company’s business prosesses and current digital channels, communicate with managers, sales manager and you personally.

Approve a pilot proposal and its cost.

Prepare a final proposal and a Terms of reference for integration.

Connect website forms, IP telephony, call tracking, instant messengers, social networks, aggregators / third-party platforms to the end-to-end analytics system and CRM.

Carry out workflow automation and an integration with 1C.

Train you and your employees on a new system.

Provide support and perform system health checks.

We carry out the output of the marketing and sales key performance indicators in a form of dashboards, tables, and graphs that helps to make the right decisions on optimization and further business development.


Which is better: to develop your own CRM and implement analytics on your own, or use ready-made solutions, customizing them for your tasks?

In most cases, it is more cost effective to purchace a cloud-based CRM (AmoCrm, Bitrix24 and others) and analytics system (Roistat, Calltouch and others), and not waste resources on developing your system.

As a rule, all CRM systems have the same principle of operation and low cost of maintenance/license. But system integration with a website, advertising channels, 1C, telephony, conversion, and sales funnels set up is a highly responsible part of work, and it requires more resources for development, while the effort pays off ten times due to a global increase in lead generation efficiency and efficient work of sales department.

As an official partner, we recommend to use AMOCRM and Roistat. These solutions are the best for most niches!

Ask questions
get answers!

If you still have no CRM and End-to-end analytics, it will be very difficult for you to develop.

Get a consultation on a system implementation!

Your consultant is:

Artem Borovikov expert in marketing

22 years of experience in marketing (including 16 years in digital marketing)

67 successfull projects
in digital marketing

Case Studies

Sales Generator 5.0 in action!
More than 30 companies have entrusted us with a full range of marketing.

Результаты совместной работы с компанией Генератор Продаж:
  • фундаменты для загородного строительства - оборот увеличен в 3 раза за год! стоимость конверсии и стоимость сделки
  • теплицы - рост компании в 10 раз за 3 года!
  • снижена в среднем на 50%


Результат работы Генератора продаж 5.0- довольные клиенты! Мы не скрываем клиентов, т. к. даём реально подтверждаемые результаты

How much do development and implementation cost?

There are no specific prices for services on our website because it is impossible to estimate the amount of work and budget without knowing the parameters of the project and KPIs.
To calculate the price of a project, it is necessary to know the competitiveness of the niche, digital channels, and the current problem.

Usually you can find the following prices online:

from 5000 $fixed price
Low fixed price to get a request

In reality, the work will stop as soon as the prepaid amount of hours expires.

from 10000 $lower threshold
The lower threshold is usually indicated below competitors level

In reality, the cost of services is calculated afterward and often does not even closely match the specified lower threshold

from 25000 $high price
It gives you an impression that only real pros set high prices

In reality, they search for customers with large budgets and will inflate the cost of services.

Different business topics have different competitiveness, projects have different scales, tasks, goals, etc.,
so it is impossible to indicate the cost of a business promotion having no information about it!

стоимость внедрения технологии Would you like to find out the real cost of implementing the technology for your business?

Please start to chat
with our manager:

ЭКСПРЕСС-ТЕСТ Request a Callback

Our partners

Partnership and service integration from industry leaders allow us to implement advanced technologies to the process in order to double your business sales .


How much does it cost?
In each case the calculation is strictly individual, there are too many unknown factors to indicate a specific price on the website. Take our Quick test to find out the basic cost of your project, depending on your website, previous experience in online advertising, sales, etc.
What are the deadlines for a niche analysis, website/landing page creation, contextual advertising development?
In the base-case, it takes 30 business days. The rest is individual. It is impossible to make a good product even for testing purposes.
Can you guarantee that I will get the desired result?
We do not give any formal guarantees or, if we give, we multiply the cost of the project by 2. Why is this so? Without a niche testing nothing can be guaranteed, although many companies do so. If you figure it out, all these guarantees cannot be calculated, i.e. how much money will be returned , in which case? Also, cases are determined by the performer. Moreover, for example, even if you were guaranteed sales, wouldn’t it be at least strange? How can a contractor influence the conversion of a sales manager, for example? There is no such way. In case you order the Niche Testing and continue working with us, we can provide you with a guarantee for specific indicators, but you won't need it, because you will get the best possible result.
Why don’t you have an office? Where can we meet?
We do not have an office because we work online; it makes no sense to maintain an office as we live in a modern-day world. We will make a better offer for you than to pay for the hidden costs of the office maintenance. We hold our meetings in Skype or Google Hangouts with a screen demonstration. We both do not lose time on business trips, which also saves time. This precious time can be used wisely on a project; besides, we can connect you to our Project Management System and you will monitor the execution of tasks online from anywhere in the world.
What is the best way to start working with you? What are the steps?
The best way is to fill out any form on the website or call us +7 (812) 988-86-54. We will contact you within 10 minutes, conduct an initial survey, understand how we can help you achieve your goals, calculate the preliminary cost of the project and a convenient way of communicating with you. A Personal Account Manager will be assigned to you, whose role is to help you to go through all stages of the Sales Generator technology until you get the optimum result.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:

Ask questions and get answers!

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Your consultant is:

Artem Borovikov expert in marketing

22 years of experience in marketing (including 16 years in digital marketing)

67 successfull projects
in digital marketing

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